Which Sensors Are Used In The Mudlogging Industry?


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There are about fifteen, different sensors used in the logging industry. Some are the Casing Pressure sensor used to control the drilling fluid; Drum Tracking and Bit Tracking for measuring depth, location, velocity and speed of penetration; Flow sensors measuring, the current flow, through the cable to prevent dangerous electric charges; Hookload used to measure the string weight caused by hookload and bit on the dead line; Hydraulic Hookload sensoring system, measuring the load and weight on the bit.

Mud Weight sensors for monitoring the drilling fluid density, looking for evidence of gas intrusion into the fluid; Pump Pressure monitoring sensors for potential problems like pump failure; Pump Stroke Proximity sensors measuring the electronic transitions/pump strokes/pump rate; Pump Stroke Switch sensor measuring the number of switch closures/pump strokes against /pump rate.

There are also the Rotary Torque Hydraulic, Rotary Torque Electric, Rotary RPM, PVT Sonic and Pit volume sensors.
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4-hook load
6-casing pressure
9-pit level
10-temp in and out
11- cond in and out
12- dinsty in and out
13- flow out

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