My air conditioner keeps producing dusty air, what could be wrong?


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If you start experiencing allergy symptoms even when it’s not the season, the air in your house may be the cause, or more specifically, you air conditioner.

If your air conditioner takes hours before it starts, and makes the air feel dusty or filmy, then your air filter might be faulty or totally busted. The air filter in your conditioning unit is the device that films all particles like dirt, dust, debris, and your cats’ stray little hairs that float in the air sometimes.

The air filter has a porous structure through which rough and large particles cannot pass.

It also keeps out harmful particles, allergens and pollens out and even mold.

While it is possible to buy your air filters and change them on your own, it is highly advisable to call a professional to help fix it instead. This is because sometimes the complications might be more than you think.

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