Is There Any Non Blocked Site So You Can Play Games At School?


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joseph gibson answered
Suprisingly, Yes.  Theres as well as

  I should know, I do it everyday at school.  Lol

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Friv have a school version which doesn't get blocked (I can't remember what it's called right now but I'll add it in when I do) or coolmathgames. They're not maths games, but because the website has 'math' in it, it usually isn't blocked. Thee are a few others, too,but if you search for a game and try a few sites, you should find some ones that work :)

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Yes, Pen Island as 1 whole word. Its the only site that isn't blocked at schools. :---
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Hi I'm megan but please can you call me dougie.

Here you go unblocked wedsites

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