Briefly describe the purpose of a flip-flop?


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Yin And Yang answered

To quickly slip on your feet preventing them from burning on the hot sand when you go to the beach!

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PJ Stein answered

To protect the soles of your feet when it is too hot to wear regular shoes, which is 11 months out of the year in Florida.

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Darren Wolfgang answered

My mom used her flip flop to use on my back side when i was young and
misbehave , she never spared the rod cause if you do you spoil the
child.  No flip flops are to wear if you go to the beach.

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@Blue Violet -Honestly what you did was create a mayhem of spam and it does make you look like a spammer . I think you got lot to do to prove that your for real and not a spammer. Sorry but that's how it stands for now. Best Wishes:) I won't forget you but i will forgive you :/
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no i understand and i do admit to you i did post A LOT and i did not stop to think about the consequences i just assumed so quickly that it may not be spamming it is really annoying when people only come here to spam people and when there is people like me who needs help with certain questions but this time i will be really careful how many times and how much i am posting cause it can defiantly lead to consequences
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but don't assume its deliberate i will never do deliberate things like that to get my own way i just assumed " if i do this than its fine there will be no consequences" its just a stressful time for someone like me when it comes to exams and it feels like you don't really have a choice but to start posting on this type of website just to get help but this time i will be careful and i do apologise again if i did that i really don't mean to annoy you or anyone else about it

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