How to fix the problem of an orange light issue in Belkin router?


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Belkin Wi-Fi Router is one of the best routers. Connect the internet via modem to the router and use this router to share broadband internet connection with many computers. Sometimes the user has been reported are facing problems with connectivity especially in that cases when their Belkin orange light becomes. Are you one of them also then don’t worry. Following some steps:-

Step 1. Reset your router. This step will not only help to remove your problem of orange light but will change the connectivity.

Step 2.Unplug all the Ethernet from the router after unplugging the router power cord connector from the device.

Step 3. Take a pin that is perfectly reset hole. Now press the reset button15 to 20 seconds now you have to carefully reinsert the power card to ensure that you do not release the reset button in this process.

Step 4. After power card reinserting, you have to continue to hold the reset button and wait for at least 15 to 20 seconds then reset button left.

Step 5. After lifting the reset button then after 20 to 30 seconds then the router will start booting and it will be set back to the original factory default setting.

Once it returns to its default setting then you need to enter the router’s password and the default IP address is 192.168.2.If you completed all process then your router will return to it’s normal and faster style of work. Now your router will restart and wait for 1 minute.

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Friends, if Your Belkin is Blinking Orange Or Yellow Light There Are Few Things You Can do to fix the issue.

  1. There May Be (Software Upgrade) Firmware Update Available for Your Extender.
  2. It is Also Possible That Your Extender is Not Communicating With Your Existing Router
  3. Your Modem (I.S.P) Is Having Trouble to Provide the Internet To Your Router.
If you want to get full support please visit here: Fix Blinking Yellow Light

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