Anyone knows how to block people cuz there's an ugly low life idiot who keeps commenting on my posts and he writes posts on here 24/7 u can tell he doesn't have a life?


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crf rgrtbrtbgrgb Profile

Sadly, there is no blocking feature on this site. Otherwise, those spammers would be blocked. They add me for no damn reason.

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Tom Jackson answered

You are the new person on this site.

Echo is known and appreciated.

I fear you have gone to far with your comments about Echo to ever be accept on this site.

If we had a blocking capability on this site, it would probably be used on you.

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Toni Pauze answered

How dare you attack our Echo.

It’s you who needs to be blocked from the site.

If we had the moderator that we need you would never have gotten this far.

Time for you to go!

Leave Echo alone.

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HappyTo BeHereTo
HappyTo BeHereTo commented
One look here a day. That's all I can stand. What a mess. 😔
Tom Mcclure
Tom Mcclure commented
why is the mean ness here on this post curretnly? it is a nice way to be when everyone makes a nice bunch of words for the people that are others which is how i always try to make my words.

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