Who is the best photographer in Chandigarh? What works best


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Venu Sahdev Profile
Venu Sahdev , Best Photographer, answered

Photography is my life. I enjoy photography and photography are very much like wedding photography, pre-wedding, photoshoot, party shoots, fashion photoshoot, And photography is very like people, I’m always ready for photography.  I have done many photo shoots for free. Many people like my photography who do not know me, they want to show their photography. I started photography with a small camera. And now I have 2 cameras that I have earned my money. Give me a chance so that you can show your photography.I will make your photo shoot free. Not my name yet but give me a chance so that I can bring myself to you all. I did not learn photography from anyone because I did not have money. But I thought that photography is to be learned and I took a small camera by taking the money and started doing photo shoots.

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