I have a Question,, what is the most negative role of social media??


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The negative aspect of Facebook is that people cannot concentrate on a task anymore these days..  Everyone I know that works for a corporation is more on Facebook than doing the job they get paid for.

Meanwhile, they are on messenger complaining how boring their work is.. Then they come home and are more on messenger.. (for me this is a paradox)

Nobody these days can do deep work anymore bcs they are whole the time distracted by others. If I want to concentrate I get annoyed by people who work in a corporation and have nothing to do while working but just talking to me on messenger.. We just waste each others time and achieve nothing in life.. And when you look back how you spend your life you feel empty and not satisfied because you have achieved nothing only talked  on messenger and complaining how boring life is..

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Good answer, Sven!
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very Good answer
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You every last worker speaks to your image and It's exceptionally troublesome for you to screen their online networking exercises, influence them to comprehend that on such stages, they ought not to examine organization matters without legitimate approval.
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To perpetuate rumors and gossip.

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Highly time consumingOne big misconception people have about social media is that: It’s FREE.
There are several free or low-cost tools are available, but you have to
deploy a substantial about of your time to understand and learn the
usage. Time is not absolutely free. Companies who have implemented
social media activities on their marketing strategies successfully
understand how much time it takes to learn and implement all of them.

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I guess online bullying.

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