Alright Happy inspired me... She did 7 questions. I'm gonna do 8! What was the most memorable thing you competed in?


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HappyTo BeHereTo Profile

Our theater team went to state all four years I was in high school.  It was so fun!

I also won four student government elections in college:  1st Floor Rep, 2nd Hall President, 3rd University Activity Director, 4th President of the World!! (Okay, okay.  Just the campus.)

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Ancient Hippy answered

I was a participant and winner in the Penn Relays while in high school. Get this, I was a broad jumper, which is now called a long jumper in this politically correct society.

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Danae Hitch answered

I competed in the Spelling Bee when I was in fourth grade. I got to state and got eliminated - but I got to the state finals, so I could that as a win!

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Skip Gentry answered

I was the captain of the school volleyball team in freshman year.

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