What was one of your most memorable moments in life?


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Lard Ass answered

Actually, my most memorable moment has yet to happen! Buuut if you're gonna make me pinpoint something up to this point, it's the day I met Rooster......hands down!

Skyce. K. Malibu Profile

I would say, it was the day I realized that dance was what I loved to do and when I realized it was my passion. It was an amazing moment because it's the one thing in life you're sure about. It's always there and can never fade out :-).

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Bradley Lomax answered

Probably the day I first got drunk and ended got locked in a donut store before my friend who was therw came up with the most simple logical answer - climb out the bathroom windows that wasn't locked on the inside. 

That somehow eluded us for a lot longer than I would have liked to admit.  Then, I kid you not  on the way home almost getting run over by a group of people in wacky costumes driving a car.

When  I got to the side of the pavement I looked to see the car that loudly honked when the clown driver was shouting at me through the window I just died of laughing

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