how does technology impact an individual? what are the advantages and disadvantages of it?


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Technology has become a terrific tool to give any business activity a smart makeover; marketing also has not remained untouched by it. The world is changing at a very fast pace and the marketers need to be on their toes to keep up with the changing times. With the advent of newer and faster technology, the need to make marketing efforts smarter and quite effective is on an all-time high. One line, one campaign or one appearance on the social media can make or break the situation. So, if the campaign is not carrying the relevance quotient, it is likely to miss the attention.

Keeping in mind the way technology is affecting the marketing efforts, explained here are certain technology-driven solutions and their far-fetching implications.

Purpose-driven marketing made possible with consumer profiling: People go to a mobile store not to buy a mobile phone, but it is a status symbol that they want to flaunt. Some of them are buying the cell phone to sound a well-read, organized individual. Thus, the  marketing automation companies need to have a promotional tone that talks more about the purpose than merely flaunting the features.

Data analysis for completely personalized solutions: A big chunk of marketing agencies requires deeper data analysis. People have very less time. So, the marketing agency needs to come up with campaigns that talk only about the user and the components that make his or her life. What is missing is to be made aware of in a precise manner, so that they do not let go of solution off their thinking radar so easily. All this is achieved with the help of data analysis techniques.

Responsiveness in marketing campaigns: These days, the products are not searched at the showroom only. It is available on every possible gadget that a prospective buyer accesses all through the day. So, the marketing efforts have to have an element of responsiveness so that they can create an impact by registering their presence in the minds of the consumers who are undoubtedly well-read these days.

To sum up, marketing organizations have to have clarity as well as confidence and, not to forget, noticeable reach amongst the user base if they need to survive in the industry for long.

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