Have humans had a "Golden Age", and if so, when was it, or is it ongoing or yet to come?

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Jeremy Fink answered

I would say no. As long as humans roam the earth there won't be a "Golden Age". Humans have been awful over their history.

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hey cameron answered

I think I agree with Walter. I don't know if I'd say humans are mostly awful, but every period of history has its problems. Some things may have been golden for some but awful for others. I don't think there was one time that was a "golden age".

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Yin and Yang answered

I personally think "golden age" describes grandparenthood. I am not a grandma but from what I hear/read we all tend to get to a form of a golden age. 😆👴👵

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Walt O'Reagun answered

As a species?  No.

As individual cultures/societies? Yes.

Historians and archeologists often point to various times in human history, when one society or another was going through a "golden age" ... But there has never been one that our whole species went through at the same time.  (well, at least not that we have a record of yet)

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