Would Zack or someone please remove me from following the person I requested to follow? I'm still getting comments by people.


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Zack can't remove anyone ! Either you stop following the person or use Contact down below to contact Administration. I don't see anyone on your followers or following you. Anyone can comment on anything you answer or ask. Doesn't mean they are following you.

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lady horse
lady horse commented
I wasn't concerned about someone following me. I chose to follow Rith RR and changed my mind. I think I tried to tell you that but maybe my post was removed or buried under comments. Still tough to understand this system
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
You would have to contact the Administration yourself as Zack can't do it for you.
lady horse
lady horse commented
I addressed Zack because he said he was working on it.
MM advised me what to do and I could fix it myself. Real simple. All conversations between you, Tiger, myself and MM are all on the same page for me. This was resolved earlier this AM.
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Anyone can comment on any answer if you are following them or not. If you are getting unwanted emails and notifications, go to your account settings, scroll down to notifications, click it and it will take you to email notifications, click the box and uncheck the notifications you don't want to recieve, then go down and click the blue box that says update. That will save your choices.

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Mountain  Man
Mountain Man commented
You're very welcome! :)
lady horse
lady horse commented
OOPS, haste makes waste...turned off the wrong one. I just process information slow.
lady horse
lady horse commented
Maybe rules for the site should be "Questions about religion or politics will not be permitted". They just end up in disputes or HURTFUL REMARKS that are unnecessary.

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