Do you know a website that i can design my own poetry website on that isn't expensive?


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Ray Dart answered

The first year on iPage is very cheap. If you do not want a "unique" domain name, there are a number of free providers out there. Just google.

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Didge Doo answered

If you're looking for a model, just Google "poetry websites" and see what suits you.

For cheap websites (without the need to know HTML) you could try somebody like They'll give you a free site but it comes with ads. Or you can buy one fairly cheaply with no ads. (Add a domain name to that for about $25 p.a. And you're off and running.)

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Chips Ters answered

Hello. Wix is a cloud based website building platform. And interestingly, this makes it possible to make the site free. It gained popularity with an such company. This is also known as wix. This gives us a very unique way to design a site using a variety of tools. These tools are very user friendly. With a simple drag and drop, we can customize our site. Check their review page for details.

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