Are social networking sites effective, or are they just a sophisticated means for stalking people?


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I'm not big on social networking sites .... But I do love being on Twitter .... I get to voice my opinion and I'm followed by over 2 thousand people there it does make me feel heard ...  They may not always listen to me ... But I shout loud there and I am free to voice my opinion... All of my opinions ...  And I am much more opinionated there than I am here cos I find this site a bit soft at times :) lol :)all the time but that's fine and I like it here cos it's sweet and cute  ;)    I also like being free to vent there though ...very much :) if I'm ever on here ... I'm also on there.  I get the best of both worlds then ;)

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I often work with law enforcement as a consultant & social networking sites like Facebook are a great tool for them in catching criminals. It'd amazing the specific information like their location, address, hobbies, interests, friends, current address.

I was trying to getting to contact with some friends I haven't seen for over 20 years and was trying to organise a small reunion over lunch. I had people over 20 years and all I had was the names. I opened Facebook and within about 10 minutes I had like all of their Facebook pages. Send out some messages via messenger and within 24 hours was speaking to them over the phone. It's amazing the amount of private information that people volunteer on public social networking sites 👌👌👌
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I guess it is :) I work for the government and I have give workshops at colleges and universities on social media .... I don't consider this site social media at all .. and find it amusing some of the people on here do:) Facebook isn't really a valid means of social networking anymore ... It's soooo 5 years ago :p
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They are what you make of them. They have security restrictions that you set. You are allowed to decide who follows you. If you leave everything open to the public, you can set yourself up for stalking. I have mine set to just friends.

So how are you doing? I saw on another question that you are running your a/c. We may have to turn our heat on this week. I was running it in the car this morning.

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No snow for me. It is something I actually looked forward to by moving back to Florida. But the cooler weather brings out more wildlife. I went to Blue Springs yesterday and saw the manatees. I am sure Maddy is keeping you busy. She is a toddler now, isn't she? Getting into things. Their minds are like a sponge then and they want to soak everything up. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well!
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Yep, she is a toddler & keeps us on our toes. You are rig about their minds are like a sponge. It would be great if children come with a user guide!!! Jana he's already talking about having another Bub! She's become very clucky. Children are very expensive & there is a lot to consider. Privately I originally thought 2 kids was the way to go but as much as I love ❤️ MADDY the thought of trying to juggle 2 kids as well as 2 jobs is a daunting prospect.
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I am not a parent, so I might be wrong, but what I have noticed about families with two kids, is the first few years are harder, but later on the children will keep each other entertained and it will be easier. As long as they are not too far apart in age.
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Stalking isn't their primary objective and lots of people make good use of them.

Personally I don't like them, yet I do have an anonymous Facebook account which allows me to click on any Facebook links I want to follow up. I certainly don't post any personal information.

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Hi Stuart,

This goes about your question in an indirect way...FB for me turned out more hassle than it was worth. 

What IS interesting to me are sites like this one, Ask, and the one Sephira tried...and it is because of the learning and the international friendships. And, I wonder sometimes if these sites might someday be the basis for a more powerful kind of democratic groundswell, worldwide.

* * *

With credit to Blurt moderators...ours ought to start a moderator school.

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