what are the importance of research to our daily lives?


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For one thing doctors will only give you so much information. If you or someone you love have been diagnosed with something, your doctor will usually give you more information on their recommended course of action, and very little if any on alternative courses. For example I had a vet tell me my dog was dying and there was nothing they could do. He could go within 24 hours to a week. The very most would be a month, but they doubted he would make it that long. I cried for two days. My dog was acting fine. I got online did some research and found a homeopathic supplement that could help. 6 months later we were back at the vet for a his annual heart check up. The vet was amazed he was still alive. When I told her about the supplement she actually rolled her eyes. A year after that we were back again. And again she was amazed my boy was still going. This time the vet's dog had cancer and she was using the same supplement. My boy lived 20 months after they told me he wouldn't live one.

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