I had to reset my windows 10 dell inspiron 13 7000 series, and I left it to install windows for an hour. I set language and wifi password, but when I came back, it's stuck on black screen of death. How do I fix it?


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Well for my own amusement are you trying to reset windows 10 or the computer itself despite current OS?  As anonequis said, wouldnt that method mean he will have to use Linux as the OS instead of  windows?

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Tris Fray Potter
Tris Fray Potter commented
I restarted the computer, and it's fine now. I think the screen might have just timed out or something and because I hadn't finished creating a username, it didn't know what to do.
Thank-you anyway!
SuperFly Original
K good to hear! id disable fast startup and update the display driver before you update/upgrade again in the future.
Tris Fray Potter
Tris Fray Potter commented
I'll do that. It makes sense now that I've spent 4 days trying to fix it. One can learn a lot in that time. :-)

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