I am designing a writing app (word processor) and which should be distraction free. What features do you consider to be important for you?


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Dear Yamiteru lori,

I will tell you one feature important to me in the writing I do, and that is the page preview. Word 97 had it on the crossbar above the page alongside cut paste etc., but they removed it in later versions. It is important to my writing because I take care for pages that are pleasing to the eye, the esthetics.

Generally speaking, the power of MS Word program is much greater than Apple's Pages program. MS Word has capabilities you might otherwise need to go to Adobe for.

I think it would be wonderful to have a very powerful word processor, on the order of MS Word but without trying to diversify into a lot of cumbersome stuff writers don't need.

Good luck, sounds like a very creative endeavor you have undertaken!

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You are very welcome.
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Dear Anonequis Pegasus, I could not even begin to list in this small space...worked with Apple tech support extensively, finally gave up on Pages altogether and purchased MS Office for Apple; just to get the power of their Word program.
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Hmmm...especially reading your own answer, Pegasus, I see more of what you mean...

I may have misinterpreted Y lori's question...I took writing to mean more creative writing, just assuming the distraction-free message-style writing was already in place. I see from your own response that at least across different OS, it is not...ty

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