How much will it cost me and where do i go to get my PS3 slim opened up and professionally cleaned, maybe even some new parts?


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Huh I am kinda surprised you are doing that with a PS3. When I had PS3 I simply vacuumed the vents once a month and would see no point in opening it unless the heat-sink malfunctioned.

I think at the end of the day it wouldnt be worth getting all that done to it. Id just buy a PS4 instead personally with all that money.

I have not heard of any places that do this but just be wary as some companies even geeksquad has been caught pretending to do work on it when they didnt in reality, as a scam.

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Do you think its heat related then, causing the freezing? and yeah i remember going back hearing about those backward compat ps3's. My father told me about it.
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Most of the time the thermal paste has come off between your cpu/gpu and heatsink. That was the general way people said they "Fixed" their PS3. You can do it yourself if you wanted.
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Im guessing you already tried re-formatting it?

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