Do you think an all glass Iphone like this picture is possible? I have a feeling im gonna get screams of "photoshoped" link safe


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That will be pretty cool, if it's true.

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Ive been trying to think how it would work... it seems impossible to me but I dont know why.
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All phones now have "innards". Where did they go on this phone?
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Yes! that is true. That Is the flaw I was looking for... its not possible. But never say.... ill say never all i want actually.
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Yeah, I doubt it too! Even this were true/possible, people would mostly be buying it due to it "aesthetic qualities". Not a lot of people (at least people I know!) would literally go to an Apple store in search of an 'all-glass cellphone' and expect it to be durable and stay intact for any amount of its usage! We can barely keep our current iPhones in one piece -- imagine a phone made entirely of glass! There's really no purpose for this, lol. I doubt Apple will even think of this. I'm sure that some of the inner wiring will be still need to be visible to some extent. It can't possibly work at this moment in time (technology-wise). What they have thought of a metal-enforced glass casing. This source took an out-of-context photo, and that bothers me, hahah. They expect it to be more durable than their previous casings (hopefully), but outside sources tend to really stretch out this information or place the stitch out of context for views!

I talk too much, LOL

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