Should I put a case on my new MacBook with Retina display? It's just to beautiful to put a case on but if it hits something I'm gonna regret it instantly


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Dear Professor Cat,

In the context of another Q of yours at age 71 I am an OLD user of this site, and would like to ask you how you like your MacBook and what you think of it for old folks who like things simple?

I have had my own MacBook Pro since 2006 and it is a workhorse... Dozens of Keynote presentations, authored two books on it and it was my connection with the world (ty, MacDonald free Internet) as I traveled homeless for a time...

So does yours still do all the basic things like that? I don't even have a cell phone still prefer an old time landline...what do you think? My MacBook is SO old that it is hard to get updates now and only 2 gb RAM... Need to think of something soon.

* * *

As for your case, I vote strongly YES. I have carried mine all over the Western US giving presentations of various kinds, seminars, day retreats, publicity for a non-profit and such. I have at least two well-cushioned cases and use them all the time they save the day.

And if you want to impress someone with the beauty of that lovely laptop, you can just take it out of its case!

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Max Glazer
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Yes, my MacBook does exactly the same as yours except much much better, faster, longer-lasting battery, and a Retina display, plus thinner and lighter
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
(Sigh) ty Professor Cat, I think I have to take the plunge... someday soon...or maybe some year soon...

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