Do you believe that everything you read on the Internet is true and factual ? Some people do but I don't. How about you?


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If its on the Internet is true. LOL

Seriously, the Internet is an international  informational service. Due diligence, research, resources and common sense.Talk to your doctor, family, friends, authorities, do more research and then make an informed decision.  Everything posted on the internet is not your friend, it's not good information, it's not reliable information is not helpful information and some information is downright dangerous and it could cause you severe harm and in some cases even your life.The internet should be used with caution and common sense. 

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Nope. "Facts" on the internet can be a guide to finding the real facts though.

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Is every answer on here correct?

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No, but you can certainly vet out most of these questionable "facts".

It all depends on your ambition level. For scientific answer I consult multiple sites and references along with staying with sites that tend to be reliable and peer reviewed by other professionals.

So, internet fact gathering shouldn't be a "One Stop Shop" for answers.

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Heck no!

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Some sources are more trustworthy than others but none are completely reliable. Hippy hit the mark when he said that what you read on the Net can be a guide to finding the truth. It's a wonderful research tool.

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Hi Teach. Lovely to see you. (And thanks for the emails and the offer. I'll let you know.)
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Thanks for the welcome. If you have a DVD player, I'll just consult the snails.
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I consulted Lady Didge and we're gonna buy the first series to add to our collection. I hope there's some actual Welsh spoken in it. It's a delightful language.
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I can believe something that are trustworthy, so I must to check them, it depends on what I want to believe.

It's difficult to say, everything is not true on net, as sometimes, it's true  specially is for the business.

But be careful of the liars, normally, there are a lot of them on net. Anyway, it depends on us, so before to believe a thing we must check it and think it over. As among people on net, it's difficult to recognize the good and the bad ones.

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ly fen chen
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No, I don't believe a thing on my mood, I believe a factual one. and I think, there's the true one on net. but not always having.
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Yes, there a many good sources but of course there is corruption. Usually its fairly easy to get a good answer if you look in the right places.
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sure, you are right.

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