Stupid question I know >>, but how do you make a video that has music playing? Like you know, when videos have a song from a movie playing. I mean the one with a picture or pictures in it.


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

You'll need a video editing program. Most Windows computers come stock with Windows Movie Maker. While it doesn't create the most professional looking videos, it'll be all you need for a music slideshow. From there you just import all of the pictures and music that you wish to use. If you discover you enjoy making videos, I would recommend purchasing Sony Vegas. It's a high quality editor. Good luck!

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There are no stupid questions, only requests for that which we might not know as of yet.

Video editors are a fantastic way to produce slide shows or edit clips of video in a particular way so as to tell a story. Part of their function is the ability to import music on the "Time Line". Your can adjust "Fade in" and "Fade Out" as well as actual volume and other audio functions (Reverb, Echo, Tempo . . . Etc.)

The free ones are extremely limited but the mid tier are affordable and intuitive (especially if you review on You tube first to see tutorials)

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