Are you tech savvy yet?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Close enough, I guess ! Not too great with mobile devices but have been using and building PC's for over 20 years !

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Cindy Lou answered

I used to be -then I had a ten year gap and the universe changed in that area for me.

Let's just say I was cleaning out some CD's  3 weeks ago and I have all the installation discs all the way back to Windows 95 -2002  and XP with Office Pro and others to match (lots of '97 stuff) and I even have the floppy disks  from Windows 2.0 with the all the computers to match all stuffed in a closet. With cords everywhere with printers and scanners and monitors .

What a mess.

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Skip Gentry answered

No, and I probably won't ever be.

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