Is installing Windows 10 a good idea?


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It is for most people. I have it on one of my units and it's OK. Still seems to have some bugs that need to be fixed. It won't download some of the games that I beta-test, so I use the other unit with 7 on it. Some people love it. I'm 50/50 with it. But soon, we will have no choice. I would wait until you have to if you're comfortable with your present OS. If you're running 8.1 then I would upgrade for sure.

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Rooster Cogburn
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I have 7 on one unit and 10 on the other but I think I'm going to dump it and switch to 3.1 instead. I don't care much to being forced either. Big reason why I stopped automatic updates, so I can read them first and not get stuck with 10 !
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Good idea I should disable that too. It seems like 8-10 is centered more around touchscreen computers. 3.1 I never had, 7 is good though. People seem to like 7.
SuperFly Original
Wow they just made me do updates. It gave 15 min notice they restarted itself. The little spinning spiral thing was loading all the way to the left instead of center, had to force shutdown to complete it. Oddly enough It still says windows 8. I don't think Im gonna do the "switch to Microsoft account" feature.
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i've heard a lot of bad things about it (most of the complains are about the wifi connection), i've tried it and i personally don't like it.

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Just like Skunky said, I've heard a lot of bad things about it, I've also heard many stories of people getting hacked through. I wouldn't, but it's your choice. :)

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I've been using it since its first release. Very happy with it. It has a couple of little wrinkles (eg "Windows wants you to sign in again" which it really doesn't) but I just ignore those and carry on regardless.

I don't think there are any real problems and have had a few major updates from Microsoft since installation, so they're working to improve it.

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The instructions said "Install Windows 8 or better" - So I installed Linux.

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Rooster Cogburn
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Good choice ! Windows has revamped 3.1 into an alternative to Winders 10 ! Much rather have that.
Ray Dart
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Windows reached a high point of usability (on PCs, anyway) with Windows 98. I know it had many flaws, and security holes and was less technically capable than later versions, but for sheer usability it has everything produced since by Msoft beaten. And, of course nothing Msoft has EVER produced compares with OSX, - but '98 came close.
Rooster Cogburn
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I always thought that 98 SE was the best of the bunch. I can't run Linux because it won't download and play the games I beta-test.
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windows 8 is ugly 100% I say change to 10.1  PS ive used both. And you CAN go back from windows 10, over to 8 again too.

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