My Samsung Galaxy Note 4, keeps restarting. Yes, I called Sprint in the Philippines and yes I called several times and yes I aked for supervisors and level 2 and 3 tech support. Yes, I went to Best Buy, they did a system upgrade and update. Yes, I have Ins. BB said I still have to pay $150 and additional shipping cost. (I didn't see it in the contract, its mixed in with other mumbo jumbo 😢) Yes, I removed the battery, soft and hard reset.Removed some stuff, cleaned cache, ran all anti-viruses, I keep them up to date. Help me?


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Here's couple of suggestions that I found online:

Potential solutions:

  • If you’re using a Micro SD card in your Note 4, then that’s the
    first thing to check. Remove the card from your phone and test to see if
    the random reboots still occur. If the reboots have stopped then back
    up the data from the card on your computer and try reformatting it on
    the Note 4 via Settings > Storage > Format SD card.
  • You could try a factory reset. Make sure you have all your data backed up. Go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset device > Erase everything.

Restart your phone in safe mode if it doesn't do it anymore then it is more than likely an app that's causing the problem.

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lol sprint customer service is absolutely worthless instead of solving your problem they make it worse i couldnt wait to leave that company go with at&t or verizon you will be better off sorry thats the best advise i can give you

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