I am useing a desktop pc here. How can I fit a 2nd keyboard, mouse, and monitor while in another room? b/c that's what I want to do some times. I know buisnesses have 1 tower and maybe 50 monitors and keyboards.


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Rich Marzetti , further part of the Q:, answered

but their tower is a server. I dont want that.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

In order to have 50 monitors and keyboards, the company would also have to have 50 separate desktop PCs, which would all be connected to a server. It's true, you could use another device in a remote desktop setting, but you would still have to have a separate device or desktop pc in the other room, not just the mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Perhaps I have misunderstood your question. I recommend purchasing a laptop or tablet for greater mobility.

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