How Can I Identify Transistor?


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A transistor basically is a semiconductor device which generally applies small quantities of voltage or electrical currents to manage a larger modification in voltage or current.

A transistor is the essential building block of the circuitries which administer the operation of computers, cellular phones, and quiet a few other contemporary electronics. A transistor can be easily identified as it is the most vital aspect of any electronic device, transistors are normally packaged separate part on the integrated circuit chip, which might even hold thousand other transistors in a very small space.

Contemporary transistors are distributed into two categories, which are bipolar junction transistor and field effect transistor. The expression "transistor' initially referred to the point contact type, but these saw very limited commercial application.
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The best way to identify transistors is by the type number marked or on the circuit diagram.
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There r different types of transistors in the market & you can easily classify by looking there diagrams in your book

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