Where Are The Four Supercomputer Centres Located?


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The term supercomputer is used to denote a computer that is a world leader in terms of processing capacity, especially speed of calculation, when it has been introduced. The New York World newspaper was the first to use the term "Super Computing" back in 1920 in reference to the large custom-built tabulators which IBM had made for Columbia University.

The four supercomputer centres can be found at the following locations National Centre for Supercomputing Applications, Supercomputing Center situated at the University of California, CalTech, San Diego and Argonne National Laboratory, situated at a US Dept. of Energy facility located outside Chicago.

These four centres are linked together to create one massive virtual computer. Terragrid is able to process more than 11 trillion commands per second. Terragrid is also 16 times more powerful than what is the next-fastest research network. Researchers will be able to utilize it to try and uncover the origins of the Universe, cure cancer and even predict tornadoes.
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In the early 1980s, there were not many supercomputers available for United States scientists.   The US congress passed a law to create four supercomputer centers around the country.   Where are those four centers located?

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