What is your ringtone?


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My call tone is the chorus for "It Never Ends" by Bring Me the Horizon.

So if my phone rings in public, I get "looks" because of it being by a metalcore(?) band.

My text tone is Nero of Devil May Cry saying "Shall We Dance?" (my favorite taunt.)

and for some people it's the sound the diaries in future diary make when the future is altered.

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Jaimie JT answered

Mine is do do do do do do do do do ... I haven't changed it from factory default since bought my new Iphone . I should get to changing it then :)

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Roy Lovett answered

Call tone - The chorus to Sleepwalking by BMTH

Text Tone - Pikachu saying "Pika"

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Luke Reine answered

My call tone is Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. :DDD!!!! It tales me forever to answer the phone because I sing the song. Lol My ringtone for texts is Death the Kid saying "Absolutely Perfect" lol

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Tyson Evans answered

My ringtone for calls is the Doctor Who opening! DOOOWEEEEEOOOOOO

The room is quiet, except for machines beeping, and I'm bored lol

My ringtone for texts is Maka and Soul saying, "Let's go, Soul Resonance!"

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Tyson is coming home today c: He was supposed to leave sooner, but he got a fever and they wanted to keep him there... He'll still have to go back to get checked up on periodically :/
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narwhales  (from the sprint commercial, zedge has it for free)

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Lard Ass answered

Depends on the person!

My favorite Is.....Addicted by Saving Abel

For my sister's....Cry Little Sister by Seasons After

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