Is It Illegal To Get Free Ringtones Off Of


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That is what you say right not just wait till your bill and then see. I google it and you have to pay. Well that is what they said. So I really would not down load a lot of stuff down load one thing and then see if you had to pay for it
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It is illegal to download something, even if it is free, if it violates the copyright protection laws.  Since a song is someone's intellectual property, it is in violation of the copyright law to take any part of that song and reproduce it for personal use or gain.  If you distribute it you are violating copyright laws and interstate commerce laws.  I am looking into this site specifically, but this is why Bittorrent and LimeWire are illegal.  I hope this helps!
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Well you can download ringtones as well as softwares from this site as it's not illegal.It's legal because they have mentioned that you download for free so you don't have to worry about this.

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