What is the weirdest children's tv show?


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Christian Leckey
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Haha sorry Dakota, hopefully it isn't too scary lol.
Dakota  Mackenzie
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You're fine :3 It's just, because of the faces, the eyes are so empty. They look like they don't have souls! Their eyes say they look cuddly but could easily kill you! Geez xD I was living life just fine not remembering what they looked like lol
Christian Leckey
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Not going to lie but my thoughts exactly, not only were they really big and fluffy but their eyes were as you said, so empty.
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Teletubbies! Even as a child I was disturbed by them. I think they are on something a little stronger than Juicy Juice, if you know what I mean.

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Yo Gabba Gabba (the worst it makes me puke)

The Jungle Book: Water Rescue

All the kid shows that are the worst shows in United States History

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Candle Cove - it was on in the 70's, it was kind of a scary puppet show that involved a smiling ship called Laughingstock, a dumb pirate, a little girl and a villain called Skin-Taker.

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I swear Boobas was a creepy show.

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Dennis Funhouser
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Dora is the weirdest show in U.S. history. I was forced to watch it with my 5-year-old sister Samantha and I literally just threw up all over myself and the couch. I'm 13 now but still .... she's 6-years-old now and STILL continues to watch Dora. Yo Gabba Gabba is a weird and stupid show too .... I threw up all over myself when I saw those weird "kiddy shows". Every episode I saw on Dora, Yo Gabba Gabba, Jungle Book: Water Rescue, My Little Pony, and Telletubbies, I just threw up every time. Throwing up sucks man. It sucks BIG-time.

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