I accidentally dropped my phone in the bath. I dried it with a cloth and let it dry for about an hour, which I think was too long. It is now resting in rice. Has this happened to anyone else? Did the rice trick work?


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Lucythe Tooth answered

I've used the rice trick on my daughter's iPhone.  It worked.

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Rice is fine to use and it  often works because of it's absorbant properties.

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If you want to simulate an accident you can try poisoning your phone. The phone police will never suspect you, because the autopsy won't show a thing.

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Wet electronics are fine. They usually get damaged when they are powered up wet. Put it under a warm lamp for days.

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To dry a wet cell phone you may use silica gel beads. The following are steps to follow.

The first step one must do if the phone has fallen into water is to take it out ASAP and dry it off as much as possible using a towel. The next step is to remove the battery also. After this, place your cellphone in a sealed packet filled with Silica Gels.

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