Were you excited when you got your first computer?


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Yes, it wasn't capable of doing much unless you programmed it yourself. We used music cassettes to store our programs.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Being an IT major, every computer excites me. My first, however, was a HP laptop that I purchased with a scholarship in college. I dual booted this laptop with Windows 7 and Linux. It has served me well for 6 years. Good luck to you.

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Actually at first I was a little intimidated by them, now they just annoy me..lol....

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Woof Woofy
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lol. i know what you mean, my parents bought me my first computer when i turned 16 in October of 2006. however, i turned it on a few times but i put it in my closet for several months until one of my friends told me about facebook. (it wasn't until mid 2007 when i started to actually use my computer) i wanted to check out facebook lol... but it took me a while to learn how to use everything. i didn't know anything about facebook. emails providers, MSN chat etc.. i was so computer stupid back then xD
Darling Divaa
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I was first introduced to them back in the late 1970's. They have made progress since then but they also cause more headaches lol...
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Yeah, I was more than excited it was in 2003 and I bought a laptop even though they were not that popular back in the days and my friends were telling me something like:

"Are you nuts?! There is no future in the them.. Just buy a desktop machine!!"

But I didn't care I needed a laptop since I was travelling a lot.. And now more than 10 years later all my friends have only laptops no one is with a desktop computer anymore :D

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We purchased a Commodore 64 back in the early 80's.  I was interested, but I think that computer set the course of my son's life.  He went on to work for Intel, Apple, and Invidia.  Now, at 44,he has made his pile, retired and is traveling the world. 

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