What is best for making an email ID: Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo?


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Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered

A Gmail account of course gives you "special" access to all of Google's "free" products. It does also mean that Google will learn an awful lot about you. Kind of spooky, poking around in your affairs. The others are little better though. How about

Deleted Account Profile
Deleted Account answered

I use gmail sometimes, but not often.

Yahoo I only ever used to access yahoo answers once.

Hotmail I have never used.

AOL I have not been able to access. is the one I prefer the most.

Goranko Knin Profile
Goranko Knin answered

I use Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook. Yahoo Mail is the best because Yahoo gives 1 TB of free space.

Nealious James Profile
Nealious James answered

Hello! I suggest that you go for Hotmail. I have been using the service since 2000 and I have never had anything to complain about. They have a very reliable spam filtering algorithm in place and nothing dodgy has ever been seen in my inbox. I cannot say the same for Gmail and Yahoo!

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