What do I choose, a CCTV or alarm monitoring system for my organization's security?


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Sheldon  Cooper Profile
Sheldon Cooper answered

CCTV footage will assist police if there is a break in, an alarm will alert you and police something is wrong. If I were you, I would get cctv first,  then an alarm, you kinda need both these days .

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Ancient One answered

I would choose both. An intrusion alarm system will notify when a "point" is breached. CCTV would capture images useful in apprehending or identifying intruders.  Personally I have both plus exterior automated lighting. It all depends on what you wish to protect and its value. As the saying goes, "you don't install a $300 lock on a plywood door.

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Brendon Dismon answered

Both equally important go hand in hand. If you are looking for a home security then alarm system is enough. For organization's security both is important.

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Martin Garret answered

Actually, you have an opportunity to combine both of those variants. What I did last year, I installed an Ajax home security system. I suppose you've heard about it. They are becoming more and more popular nowadays. I guess it is because of their progressive solutions and high quality. Moreover, this brand has reasonable prices for its products. But they do not produce cameras, it is the only disadvantage. However, I had my old CCTV system. So, they could connect it to the Ajax one. Now it is a perfect fully-equipped system I can control through a phone application.

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Karl Sagan answered

Hello! I've definitely heard about ajax before, but I never read more about this topic. Are there really such advantages in this system, because of which you can buy such a thing without thinking? I would like to find a good and reliable security system, but I am not sure that this will be a reliable enough option. Can someone share with me the experience of using such a system? I would also be happy if you would send me more detailed information on the subject. Thank you all for answers in advance.

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