What is the best way to advertise a blog/YouTube channel without spending money, if at all?


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Get your own domain and then use it to link people. Domains are usually $0.99 - $15.00. I know you said you don't want to spend money but this is worth the investment.

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David Shabazi
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How do I know where to link it to? If my blog/channel has content that teaches/explains certain areas in math, then do I need to post links to them through a math related forum?
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Whn you register a domain you will have whats called forwarding settings.

Heres an example:

Lets say you have a blog on www.blog.com/DaviodShabazi
and you domain name was DavidShazi.com

You could create a forwarding setting that when some one types in blog.DavidShabazi.com it would then redirect them to blog.com/DavidShabazi

Now let say you had a math section on your blog that resplved to the url blog.com/DavidShabazi/math

You could also setup a forwarding setting for math..DavidShabazi.com to forward to blog.com/DavidShabazi/math

hope this helps

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