What Is The Function Of A Hub?


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The function of a hub is to allow communications between devices so that data can be transmitted from one computer to another. It is a piece of hardware and is most often used in a small LAN (Local Area Network) setting, where there is little likelihood of traffic conflicts. A hub is usually the easiest and cheapest way of connecting a few computers so that they can share communication resources like the Internet. 

There are three different types of hub. A passive hub will transmit and receive data to other computers; an active hub will receive data and then strengthen the signal by amplifying it when it transmits the data. The third category of hub is the intelligent hub, which also includes processing functions so that they are able to manage and monitor traffic on the network.

The obvious advantage of having a hub is that it allows two or more computers to share the resources and communications on any of the computers that are on the network, but they also tend to be cheaper than routers and switches.

The downside to having a hub rather than a router or a switch is that the computers that are connected through it may experience slower network speeds, or even disconnection if one of the computers is using a greater amount of bandwidth.

You will be able to recognize a hub because it is usually a small, almost flat, plastic box with a number of ports on the back. The number of these ports can be four, five, eight or sixteen so that you can accommodate a range of computers. It has LED display lights on the front so you know when it is in operation and it is powered by a regular electricity supply.
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Hub is the intelligence device which is use for connecting small network. It has a limited port. Normally it has 8 port.
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They allow for communications between devices for sending and receiving packets of data.
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Hub can release the friction which can save energy.

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