How to enable Blu-ray on my OS X Yosemite?


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Earla Fern answered

The free BD player they link to in that article is fairly crippled when you go the actual web site and look at the features - doesn't even play 1080p video or the "latest Blu-ray movie" whatever that means.

I got what I thought was the most legitimate looking one, MacGo Blu-ray Player for Mac. It's OK at many features. It has a 'trial' version, which has writing in the middle of the screen while you're watching movies. Not all that useful.

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tian tina answered

Download VLC Media Player or Mac Blu-ray Player for Mac, then buy an external Blu-ray Drive, connect it to Mac through USB.

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Jack Wilson answered

Playing Blu-ray on a Mac computer seems difficult since your computer may lack an optical drive or only support DVD disc. However, an external Blu-ray drive is a convenient addition for people who use laptops or computers that don’t support the Blu-ray format. If you want to play and copy Blu-ray on Mac computer, check this guide, please. It shows you the best external Blu-ray Drive for you to copy and play Blu-ray on Mac with the best Blu-ray Copy software. And perhaps you need to use a Blu-ray player to play Blu-ray since some Blu-ray comes with copy/play restriction such as encryption or region code. Check this best freeware Leawo Blu-ray Player for Mac.

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