I got missed call from +88213300040 anybody know which country is this?


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+882 133 is a satellite mobile phone number issued by 'Telespazio Spa EMS' (European Mobile Servies).

Basically, the phone numbers starting with this sequence can be issued to anyone in and around Europe and are not governed by the laws of the country in which the person resides. This makes them very popular with scammers, so beware!

A very popular scam at the moment comes from a person claiming to be from Windows (Not Microsoft, but Windows lol, they can't even get a scam right). They will try to take money from you by telling you your computer is infected  and you need to buy expensive software to put it right.

The other trick is to get access to your computer (they pretend to be 'helping' you) and once in, they can get into your bank accounts, etc.

Don't call these people back and never take their calls. If they are calling on your home phone, try to get your telephone company to block them, if on your mobile, download an app that blocks unwanted callers.

It has been said that calling the numbers results in high call charges so don't be tempted to do that. Unfortunately, the police are reluctant to get involved as there is no set country that the calls are made from, though Telespazio Spa EMS surely could be given some of the blame.

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For cell phones, things are a little different. When I run my own cell number, it gives me the wider city where I live (I live in a small suburb of a big metro - that gives me the metro). It will tell you who my carrier is. And it's all. The same goes for any cell number. No names, just an approximate city associated with an area code. But anyway, I will find out information about any number here reverse phone lookup
Try looking at the number.

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