How do you post a picture on Blurtit?


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Post a picture in an answer or question? Can you please be more clear about what you've asked?

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Answer what?
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Post a pic in an answer
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Oh okay so for that if your using a computer or a phone then in the answer space, above there is a line in which there are different kinds of tools like bold , italics n all so there is also an icon of posting a picture so click on it then do as it goes ok :)
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For your profile you go to edit profile and then you go to your documents and pick the picture you want for your profile.

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Just like Ben said, but they can't be too big or it won't accept it.

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Posting a picture on Blurtit is incredibly simple.

When you go to type a new post or comment, there are buttons directly above the text box such as 'B I U'. These make your texts bold, italic, underlined and so on. 

The last 3 buttons, in that order, are to 'insert image', 'insert video' and 'insert link.' Each respective button has an icon that is relevant to its function. 

You will know which one is for inserting a picture by hovering over the icon with your cursor, at which point a yellow text box will appear saying 'insert image'.

Once you have clicked this, there will be an option to 'choose file' or drag a file into the box. You can choose a file that is already stored on your computer and drag it into this space.

Finally, you hit 'insert' and voila! The image will appear within the text box, simple!

I hope this helps.

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