Does iphone 6 have same charger as iphone 5?


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Yes, the iPhone 6 charger is the same as the iPhone 5. It will use the latest version of the Apple power cables, the lightening charger, and will connect to laptop by the lightening to USB lead.

There are both pros and cons to this. On the one hand, those upgrading to an iPhone 6 will have a spare charger to hand from their old phone, which we all know is a big plus. I like to have a wall charger at home and at work, and carry a USB charger around for emergencies!

The downside is that the iPhone 5 lightening charger has been heavily criticised by it's users for it's tendency for the contacts to corrode, and for the lack of durability in general. Some users claim to have been through numerous cables already, and may have been hoping for a new charger which is a little more hardy.

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