Why does the iphone 6 bend?


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The question of the iPhone 6 Plus bending has been a very popular topic of late! It has been referred to commonly as "Bendgate"

There are conflicting theories circulating, however, the manufacturers of the iphone 6 plus have stipulated that the model does in fact NOT (or at least should not) bend. If certain handsets are found to do so, it could be manufacturer errors.

The makers of the Apple iPhone 6 plus are quoted to have said

“How can a phone bend? This was all caused by distortions from competitors. Don’t blindly listen to it”

In laymen's terms, Apple are claiming that the bending allegations are fabricated and blown out of proportion in order to diminish the brand. 

In reality, Apple says that any instances of the phone bending are extremely rare. With this being said, Many iPhone 6 Plus users are still frequenting the Genius Bar at the Apple store, complaining about their phones bending, only to be turned away without a replacement handset.

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The iPhone 6 Plus will bend if enough pressure is applied to a certain area. In fact, a lot of phones will bend when extreme pressure is applied. Everything has a weak point. And you guessed it, if you try to bend something (or have to means/power to do it) it will bend. That’s hardly the argument here though. I think the outrage over the issue is because there is a perception that iPhone prices are notoriously high and considering that factor, their products must not be in the category of other half-priced smart phones in the market. Hence the public outrage seems justified.

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