What are the reasons that you should not have Facebook?


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Although it is usually generally considered pretty safe to have a Facebook account, there are a few reasons
why you might staying away from Facebook altogether:

  • Personal information- When signing up to Facebook, a lot of personal information is requested,
    such as your date of birth and full name. Facebook now 'owns' this
    data, and it is now available to the public. Not only can this be
    dangerous as anyone can read it, but also this information can be
    shared by Facebook for other businesses to use.

  • Time wasting- Although this doesn't seem so
    bad, Facebook can waste so much of your time. I have had Facebook
    for over 5 years now, and it stops me concentrating on a piece of
    work, as I'm constantly stopping to check my Facebook.

  • Cyber bullying- This doesn't happen to every user,
    but Facebook can be a platform used for cyber bullying, as it is
    easy to send messages or post things about other people.

  • Popularity game- In my school Facebook was
    used to see how popular you were, if you didn't get enough 'likes'
    on a status, or you didn't have many friends, you were not considered 'cool'.

  • Once you have made an account, it is hard to
    - Facebook does not promise to delete your data once you have
    deleted your account. Plus this information will stay on any
    application you have used. 

So if you're a user of Facebook, make sure to consider the above risks!

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Facebook does not remove spam or cyberbullying - hate pages and fake accounts

Facebook is riddled with stupid people who flame you if you interact and comment on fan pages

There are loads of celebrity impostors on facebook

You have to customise the privacy settings if you want security and if you do not this, all of your account is public

Cyberbullying and messaging etc is a problem on Facebook 

Fan Pages run by amateur administrators and moderators can abuse the block and report function as a form of forum/cyberbullying. 

Facebook does not remove celebrity impostor pages that you report

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Rachel Anders answered

1. If you do have a fear of getting 'addicted' to Facebook and has a lot more important things to do, you should not properly start creating your profile.

2. If you have an issue about your privacy, or if you just can't bear the possible scenarios of other people or your friends commenting (negatively) on your photos, statuses, etc, in short if you are too sensitive, do not try FB (or any other social sites for that matter).

But if you will be responsible enough in all your activities and seeks FB for fun, sure it is fun. :)

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Dorothy Agustin answered
Hi Ben! Yes, that's true, you can leave  Facebook, if you have bad experience with it. But you will realize, there are many also reasons why people are staying and using Facebook. They find their self worth. It's very useful too especially if you have friends outside your country and you love to have communication with them at a distance. 

Constant communication with friends and relatives is the only way I use Facebook, but  you will see there's a lot of other benefits that Facebook can give you. You can also have a business and make a profit at home.  
Bullying is not only found out on Facebook, but also in your surroundings. Cyber bullying can be caused by the user - why? It is because sometimes, whether they admit it or not, they are posting pictures or articles without thinking.

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