What app to edit photos?


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The best app for editing photos depends on how much you are wanting to do with the photos. If you are just wanting to make very basic edits- eg. cropping, auto brightness and contrast, and set filters, you can do this quickly and easily on Instagram (although this is with a view to wanting to share the pictures afterwards).

If you are after something which offers more technical editing capabilities similar to that of, say, Adobe Photoshop on a "regular" computer, a program like Filterstorm may be more up your street. 

This app offers a whole range of editing capabilities, and even allows you to import photos in RAW format. It's not free, though. You'll have to pay £2.39 for it, so if you don't need all of these extra functions, you may be better off with a simpler app, like Adobe Photoshop Express which is free, and has excellent reviews on iTunes.

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I'd recommend fotor site, this is really helpful, mostly when used on a computer.and signed in!

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There are so many best Photo editing apps for available. But here am giving some of the best based on their reviews and ratings.

Best Photo Editor Apps

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If we are talking about mobile applications, there are quite a few of them, for example, Retrica or Ps for a smartphone, they are quite functional. Also, for people like me who have excess weight, I can recommend the photo slimming app, which can remove a couple of extra pounds and make you more attractive in the photo

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