Which is better – an App or a Mobile Website?


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I like both. I use the Blurtit website more than the app same with YouTube. And I use the Twitter app more than the website.

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Both are nice! An app allows you to go to that place directly and for the website just a bit of searching is required! But in an app if someone takes a look on your phone then they may see that app and see your personal stuff but in a website no one knows what you're doing or where you're linked to because all that is only known by you! ;)

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If we consider the present age then surely a mobile app is more powerful than a website. An app is a great medium to engage the people for maximum time. Users can access app anytime and anywhere. So, mobile app is  more beneficial than a website.

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Both, mobile app and mobile websites can be accessed on smartphones, tablets and other devices. Some business feels that you don’t need a mobile app, you just need a website that looks good on mobile devices. Others say that mobile apps have the benefits that a website cannot provide. So it's depend on your business need, mobile website is responsive design that easily access to all devices, but mobile app is an app that is developed for a particular platform, for example, iOS or Android, and others. For using app we need to download from app store ones which allows us to access these services. For more info contact here: www.chetu.com

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