Why does hotmail block kiss anime?


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Why does Hotmail block Kiss Anime?

There are a number of reasons why Hotmail is blocked Kiss Anime.  Microsoft uses anti-spam and anti-phishing filters to attempt to indentify emails that shouldn't be going to a users main inbox. 

So why is Kiss Anime on the list?

It isn't clear why Hotmail doesn't like content from Kiss Anime, but I've outlined some of the potential reasons below:

  1. Kiss Anime emails may be being interpreted as spam.  This is especially true if Kiss Anime send out a lot of emails.
  2. Kiss Anime emails contain data or content that Hotmail thinks is unsafe for the recipient.  This often occurs if there are questionable attached files.
  3. If Kiss Anime are sending newsletter, these can often be considered junk mail.

So, all in all, there are a few reasons why Kiss Anime emails are ending up in your junk inbox.  Kiss Anime have addressed the issue themselves, and are aware that this is occurring.  They suggest that members sign up with a Gmail account or similar, rather than Hotmail.

If you're certain that Kiss Anime is a trustworthy company, you may want to give this a go.  If you're not sure, then it might be wise to accept that Hotmail is doing you a favour.

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