How Do You Use A Wilson Jones Cb256 Binding Comb?


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To be honest, I have never interested in it. You know, I feel like I live so boring life because I rarely leave my office and when I leave my office, I work at home. This is awful. Recently I decided to buy a new thing and what have I bought? Binding machine Fellowes 5006501 for my office! That's awful!

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The details of a Wilson Jones cb256 binding comb can be found in the instruction leaflet. It should be available with almost every supplier of Wilson Jones products. A binding comb usually works by punching a line of slits near the bound edge of each individual page. Following this a "comb" or a curled plastic is fed to hold the sheets together by the slits. The advantage of this procedure is that books can be disassembled and reassembled manually.

The Wilson Jones cb256 is portable and comes with a 15-sheet manual punching capability additionally it can bind a hundred and seventy five sheets using plastic combs. The precision of punching and alignment can be achieved using the adjustable edge guide. The contraption can be easily cleaned by accessing the internal clippings tray that is located at the bottom.

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