What is a hack for no more room in hell?


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Tim Cook answered

There are a number of hacks you can use for No More Room in Hell, though it's just as fun to play without hacks.

The first hack I found includes an auto update system, ESP, a panic key and an auto-aim system. It is free to download, but requires a framework 4 system. Google 'nmrihhack' and you should find it.

The website prehackshub offers over 60 different pre-hacked variants on No More Room in Hell, with a wide variety of options including unlimited money, free upgrades, unlocked parts of the game, skill points and characters.

Another site, tier0 forums, offers a range of cheat options, which changes player ESPs, radar, crosshair, aimbot, triggerbot and can also alter the player physics of the game.

YouTube is a good place to look for No More Room in Hell hacks. Here's just a couple of the videos I found useful:

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