What is a hack for village life?


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There are a number of hacks available for the popular Facebook game Village Life. As the game comes with few instructions, people have found it plays better with a hack.

If you search Google for 'Pure Crystal Hacks', you will find access to a free hack to download in which you can add items to you game account like potions, gems and coins.

'Village Life We Hacks' offers a similar hack but also has an anti-ban element.

Meanwhile, 'NewHacks24' provides a hack which allows you to keep each of your villages happy from birth, through their lives, and into old age.

Yet another site that specializes in hacks, - a site which it claims will not put your user account at risk. The hack offers, in addition to the usual unlimited coins and potions, an accessible user interface, although it is only free for a limited time. 

YouTube is a good place for hacks. Here's just one:

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